Each year the JCI Senators of Florida Foundation, Inc. provides a scholarship to a student graduating High School in the year of the Award who plans to continue their education at accredited post secondary colleges, universities or vocational school.  Awarding of the scholarship will be at the discretion of the JCI Senators of Florida Foundation, inc. Monies awarded by the JCI Senators of Florida Foundation Inc. must be used for educational expenses in the first year of full-time study. Checks awarded will be made out in the name recipient and the educational institution of their choice. This scholarship is available to Students graduating from a Florida High School and who are residents of the State of Florida.






Please read the following points carefully. Failure to comply will be cause for disqualification.

  1.      All submissions must be typewritten or printed.
  2.      You must complete and include the FAFSA financial application form.
  3.      Supporting documentation of your choice may follow each page as appropriate.
  4.      Reference letters are limited to five (5) with a maximum length of one page each.
  5.      Your name must be at the top of each sheet in the package, along with a numbering system the states “page__ of __”.
  6. An Application can be obtained at;  http://www.usjcisenate.org/index.php/scholarship-program
  7.      Deadline for submission is postmarked by midnight, January 5, 2018 .

                    Mail to

                     JCI Senators Foundation of Florida, Inc.

                       295 Nelle Ave., Apt. C

                       Panama City, FL 32404






            Every application must include the FAFSA application available at FAFSA.ED.GOV. No applications will be considered without this form; you must complete this form on line and include the print summary as completed by FAFSA. The completed and summarized form will be approximately 6 pages. This is not the one page SAR.